KOW,Abyssal Dwarfs v Undead.

Steve says it all….

Wargaming Lurkus Style

Had another game of KOW tonight against Ken and his newly painted Undead army. We played an Invade scenario at 2,000pts a side.

Here’s a few pictures of the set up.

Here’s some in play ones.

It was a cracking game with my Dwarfs taken the win after 7 turns.I   must say how nice Ken’s army was he’s done a cracking job well done mate .


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Mantic Undead Wraiths

My KoW undead army is rising, here are some wraiths all done except the bases.  Used Army Painter, Skeleton bone spray then AP paints and washes for ethereal effect.  Here’s the photos….


Dux Bellorum Romano Brits

I’ve built a matching force to face my Picts.  I’ll try and post a series of photos of the build and paint job but I have been having trouble posting multiple photos recently.  Again excellent models from Oupost Wargaming, so here goes….


Dux Bellorum Picts

Christmas hobbling achievement complete, 52 ish points of 15mm Picts for Dux Bellorum. Models from Outpost Miniatures (great service, recommended). Storage box is a Ferrero Rocher box. Here are some pictures of the results  ,