Giant Spiders for WOTR

I got this idea from the web but have lost the reference sorry.

Basically GW giant spiders cost £8.20 for two and there aren’t many on eBay. So I bought these plastics spiders for about £2.50 from the bay (12 in pack – search ‘plastic spiders’


They look like this in the wild. BTW my kids love them


I’ve base-coated them black as they are a bit gaudy and they’re ready to play with. I will add some red bits to make them a bit more interesting and do some basing stuff later. I’ve got 48 of them in total, all for about a tender. GW ones would have cost over 200 quid!!!


Renovating a Balrog

Here is a balrog I bought off eBay. It’s the eBay picture I was too keen to get started before I stripped it it detox, then paint thinners. Note that the thinners is very strong and smelly stuff. It melted the Inge and the base, so I repurchased them.


So there’s the stripped and re-assembled balrog. I love the pose of this model and look forward to painting it



The second picture has a warg chieftain in it too (well I couldn’t resist it when I was on the GW site buying the new wings.

More pics to follow as things progress.