Dreadball Virgin

A single photo from last Sundays game with Dreads at the Bristol Big’uns. It was a great game and my first. I played Humans and narrowly beat the Forge Father (not Dwarves). End to end stuff and constantly changing lead, really good fun! Picked up the rules quite quickly from Dreads (thanks) and also used some crib sheets from game boardgeek’s dreadball site which were most helpful.

Can’t wait to play again



Vikings and Goblins progress

Brief update this week as little time to painted, but some progress made.

First the Vikings. Basic spray job. GW Skull White on the levies and warriors. Army Painter chainmail for the Hearthguards and Warlord. Next step basic colours and a dip! Note the magnetic strip on the 20mm by 20mm Rendra base.


Here are some sprayed WOTR Goblins, note Gothmog, Gollum and Druzhag getting ready for action. The Egyptian is from a National Geographic kids mag for my daughter. Well paint it up gold and blue


Oh here’s the finished Tutankhamen


An army is born, SAGA Vikings

Easter has not been overly productive painting-wise, but I have managed to construct a 4 point SAGA Vikings force


It consists of a leader (round base), 4 Hearthguard Bersekers (bare-chested), 4 Hearthguard (mail shirts), 8 Warriors and 12 levies (with boss).

Here are some close-ups….

Next steps are to base with sand, base coat, highlight and apply dip. Photos will follow.