Here are my homemade saga dice. I used the instructions at saga labels

I bought the dice from blank dice

They are 20p each. Anyway here’s the photos….




Sedition Wars

A very quick post to show my photo of a Sedition Wars game ( 2 in fact) with Nick at the club. The models are Nick’s. mine are on the backlog. It’s a good game but will need some time invested in it.


Scottish Vikings

One of the things that drew me to Vikings was the fact that they invaded my place of birth (Largs in South Ayrshire) which is famous for the Battle of Largs in 1263 (Wikipedia linky. So I am reasonably confident that there are Scottish Vikings, therefore I am creating a saga scots force with viking models already procured from Wargames Factory. It also appeals to my proud Scottish trait for thriftiness.

Here are the boxes of models with the Renedra bases.


I made 5 points of Scots Vikings, all with spears. They are base-coated ready for dipping…..

I’m going to be even more canny by expanding my saga armies to include Anglo Saxon forces and then pulling them all together for a 2000pt WAC Viking army. All very cost effective, here are some extra Dark Age models I bought from Rob. To make up the Angles.







Viking Accommodation

I bought these at Salute from I am we’ll impressed with the quality, detail and ease of assembly




A couple more shots of the tents and houses in production. The campfire was a purchase from Salute 12 – I knew it would come in handy.
I got these from and sprayed them white then heavy washed them using a parchment acrylic from Hobbycraft.



Updated Vikings

This is the Viking work I’ve been doing over the past month or so….

Firstly, Army Painter dipped Vikings


And closer up. There is 4 Saga points. Hearthguard, Berserkers, warriors and levies plus the King, so 29 models in total.



Finally a shot to show the magnetic bases. I buy a 5m strip from eBay. The bases are 20mm x 20mm from Renedra with sand and brown acrylic in it. I still need to flock them. They have also been dulled with AP spray anti-shine. Oh yes and I used shield transfers from Gripping Beast, procured from eBay ( remember to paint the background white!).


6mm napoleonics

I bought a load of 6mm Baccus British Napoleonics on eBay. I intend to play 2by2, Black Powder and Polemos and I’ve picked up the rule books. I am going to use 40mm fronts to the bases but am still uncertain on what depths to get for infantry/cavalry/artillery.

Here are some pics of the infantry. As bought first…



And now as painted, this is my test paint only and probably the colours are a bit wrong but I intend to paint the rest the same.



I’ve enjoyed painting at this scale and it was quite quick. I used 0 and 3 point brushes and it took about an hour and a bit.