Menoth Exemplar Cinerators

Just finished some more Menoth, it was an eBay purchase. They came base coated black. I sprayed them skull white and then coated them in Menoth base.


And they ended up looking like this…..



I’m pretty pleased with the results, I just need to varnish them and paint the base but am using them at the Cheltenham Warchiefs on Monday night, so won’t have the time. Overall I spend a good 8 odd hours painting them and kind of wish I could discipline myself to do quicker, more simple painting schemes. We’ll see. Here’s a close up….


Talking of quick paint schemes, I made up these zealots this week and followed the paint scheme of the other 8 (they are in the case). I have put them on my using black base with black aquarium gravel.



Black Powder

I played Black Powder for the first time down the club with Simon, Dave and Steve. We played the French army against a Brunswick, Nassau and Dutch/Belgium allied force. Overall an excellent evening played in the sporting and gentlemanly spirit of 19th Century generals with the Black Powder rules set. Below are some nice photos from the iPad, Simon and Steve are the Generals, I hope they don’t mind me using their images on the web. They also painted/procured the armies and very nice they are too I’m sure you’ll agree. They are 72s.