Trollbloods, Wracks & Cryx

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update, so here goes.

First a great game against Owen of the Dark Dragons club in Wales. He player Gunner Bjorn and I played pKreoss. A narrow victory for pKreoss ensued.


I then finished painting my Wracks….




Lastly some photos of a game against Craig, a new chap down the club. He played Cryx (I think pDenny) I played pKreoss. Drop and pop worked.



And finally, I backed the Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter



Reckoner / Castigator

I bought a Reckoner from eBay, pulled its arms off replaced them with magnets (note I used a 3mm by 2mm one behind a 5mm by 0.5mm one to add magnetic strength. Here’s some photos….




I had also bought a set of Castigator arms and head for ebay for a pound and a penny, so I magnetised all of them. I’ve yet to paint them but you get the idea….



Menoth grows

I’ve done a bit of modelling this week and have been growing my Menoth. Here’s the Wrack in progress…..



I also based a load of models (knights, errands, knight seneschal, zealots) that I got from eBay a while back…..


Warmachine-wise I backed the Tactics Kickstarter, fonts have the banner yet so can’t show you, but I can show you this which I found on my web surfing


Trounced by a Newbie

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of playing ‘Newbie’ Kevin down the club at 35 pts. This was Kevin’s first game of Warmachine but he’s played plenty of other systems. He played Cryx with Pirate Queen Skarre. I played Menoth and eFeora. Here are some photos. The battle report to cut a long story short was a co story for Skarre. eFeora got greedy with her flaming 10″ spray and ended up too close to the Cryxian Helljack (not sure which one) who smashed her up with some awesome dice rolls. Nice one Kevin, looking forward to our next encounter.




AOE Rings

So I’ve wanted some aoe rings for a while to use with Warmachine. 3″, 4″ and 5″ are the required diameters. They seem difficult to squire on the Internet (Fred Aldous looks the best bet here in UK but no 3″ rings). Well I’ve made some from galvanised steel wire from the B&Q gardening section (cost £3.95). I’ve used electric insulating tape to stop the edges snagging.

They were pretty simple to make, just wrap them around a tin, measure and twist the wire until it is the correct size. They are not mega-precise but they do represent clouds etc so should be OK.

Here’s some photos……



Visit to Cheltenham Warchiefs

Just a quick post to let you all know that I went to the Cheltenham Warchiefs last night. I was warmly received and said hello to John. I played Warmahordes, Menoth vs Trollbloods. I held up fairly well with eFeora against Jarl Skuld at 35 points and it was a technical draw at 10 pm when we had to close play. Thanks to Matt for the game. Here are some snaps…..