Grassy Bases

This months blog is about completing my large procured (from a mate) Trollblood Army by decorating the bases with you’ve probably already guessed, grassy bases. In essence I have 116 models with needed basing and marking, here is an example of the start point and first step…..


The steps are as follows:

1/paint bases with 50:50 mix of pva glue and water
2/dip in builders sharp sand (dried out first)
3/allow to dry
4/paint brown using hobby craft basic acrylic paint (50:50 brown:yellow)
5/allow to dry
6/2 stage drybrush lighter brown then parchment
7/allow to dry
8/add patches of mix/water mix
9/dip in flock mixed to your colour taste
10/allow to dry
11/paint orientation markings on the bases

Here’s the finished product….


Not surprisingly, this task took on industrial production line proportions, here are some photos along the way…..





And finally the finished army, phew….