So I got my airbrush out again after an 18 month hiatus and all I can say is airbrushastic. I really enjoyed the feel of airbrushing and it is quick with great results. I sprayed about 17 models in 2-3 hours, including the cleaning time. I just need to finish them off and base them. Here are some photos of my latest Trollbloods…..


Here is the equipment, purchased from eBay for about £80. I use window cleaner, kitchen roll and pipe cleaners to clean it. I also have some paint thinners but it is very harsh and probably very toxic so I restrict the use of it.

The airbrush thinner (vallejo) is brilliant for getting the paint (P3 & army painter) to the correct ‘milky’ consistency.




Plus some gator and a croc witch doctor



More Trolls on the way

August has not been a great hobbling month and I have only just glued these Trolls together today.


I have however played a load of card games, both online (Hearthstone, Dead Man’s Hand – recommended below is a picture of a card from Hearthstone that weirdly looks like a bloke from my work-fancy!).


Real card-wise I’ve played High Command, Lord of the Rings card game, Netrunner and an Egyptian styled game, Valley of the King



I’ve also snuck in some Bushido and Warmachine, but sorry, no photos.

Until next month.