Wargaming in the return to school month

This is my second attempt at this blog as the app crashed as I adding photos ;-(

So, the kids went back to school but there was also time for some gaming. A couple of trollblood games with eMadrak versus Circle and Menoth at the Big’Uns …



Also played some Diskwars with daughter and son, sorry no photos taken. Cards game missed out a bit but did buy Loveletters (not played yet). The iPad has taken a pounding playing Clash of Clans which is awesome I’m on level 20 after playing a couple of weeks. Son is playing that too.

I’ve also built a PC gaming rig (sorry again, photos another time). Essentially it’s a i5 processor with nvidia GT750X 2 Gb graphics card and 8Gb of RAM. It’s nice, I’ve bought some games for it and tried CivilizationIV last night. It was fun.

The painting table was not ignored. I maxed out my Scattergunners and finally finished my Gatormen….(note adding 3 photos at once seems to crash the app)

Last but not least. I bought my son the Mantic Kings of War 2 player starter box. He is going to build a massive Orc army and it’s the Undead for me.