SMOGCON 2015 – part 5

Nick’s account of SMOGCON is very good


The final day of SMOGCON was perhaps the most important to me due to the judging of the inaugural P3 UK competition. I had been keeping an eye on the cabinet over the weekend and there was some nice stuff in it but nothing really spectacular. I thought I might have a chance so I entered all of the categories including the Diorama category that was the leanest. On the final morning I put a few finishing touches to my models and took them down to the cabinet. I was a bit surprised to find they were starting to judge the entries even though there were 30minutes to the deadline! Nonetheless I got my stuff in, and knowing Mark had still not put his stuff in, warned the team manning the cabinet there might be others to come. Sure enough Mark turned up pretty much on the deadline and pulled…

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Kromac vs. pMorghoul – 35pts Deathclock

My first Skorne outing since my prodigal son return


Another Deathclock game this time against pMorghoul. This time we were more generous with the clock taking an hour. This made for a more relaxed game but forced an exciting ending.

In this game I kept pretty much the same list I’m practising and across the table was a Bronzeback, Titan and a few heavy infantry. Pretty much a staple Skorne list but I was pleased not to see Kharn. In the early exchanges my Woldstalkers made reasonable progress down the flanks while Ghetorix and the Stalker held the middle ground. The Skorne list was tier 4 and this allowed it to gain extra movement toward the objectives so I gave away 3 control points early. This put the pressure on and I had to contest objectives to avoid a fast whitewash. I somewhat reluctantly pushed most of the force at the objectives but managed to get Ghetorix in a…

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Month end panic

hear are some photos of this months gaming.  Marked by an awesome smogcon15, playing LOTR card game, a Star Realms and CoC.  WMH-wise I have returned to Skorne and have been enjoying playing 1 hour Deathclock with pMorghoul.  Victory has eluded me to date.