LOTR Card Game Storage Box

I’ve been playing LOTR Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games at home and at work. I am really enjoying it in co-op mode and solo. My collector instinct has awakened ( again😁) and I am buying up expansions and adventure packs on eBay. So apart from the dent in the paypal account my other problem is card storage. Here is my solution, cheap, cheerful and quick…..



In a nutshell, I took the Core box (I’ve got 2 sets). Stanley knifed the 2 grey side trays and put a staple (facing outwards) in each corner. These are wide enough for cards in UltraPro Standard protectors (don’t use the cheaper protector sleeves as they stick together and or only good for limited protection and useless for playing). The ones at either end need to be angled a little but not a big compromise.

I then placed the two trays at either side of the core box and there is room for more cards in the middle or to store the tickets and threat counter etc.

The tokens are held in little tubs I bought at a pound for ten in a pound store. I didn’t bother to sleeve my second set of Scenario and Encounter cards from the second box as I don’t think I’ll use them, so I’ll save some money on sleeves. To separate the different card types I cut the middle piece of the gary card and also the token ‘frame’ into card sized dividers.

For taking my cards out and about I use Ultra Pro deck boxes. The larger sized one can accommodate encounter cards and a couple of player decks. I use old credit cards or similar as separators. Here’s a picture…


By the way, I’m not sponsored by Ultra Pro but freebies would be nice😃.

Finally, I am using a little Gandalf mini bust that I picked up a while back from a collection magazine as an alternative first player marker. Here he is….


Now I must be off to play some cards!