Proud Dad

I’m keen to get my kids into gaming and modelling (opponents for the future as well as some useful life skills). Here is my son James’ work on the painting table. He painted this on his own except for the eyes which I helped with. The model is a Hobbit blind bag about 60mm tall. My thought was that this was good starter model because it is bigger than 30mm models. They are also reasonably cheap at about a pound a go….



We also made a Revell Star Wars kit of a Tie fighter cos who doesn’t love Star Wars. James needed a bit more help here as it is pretty fiddly to build but great fun on a rainy Saturday in April.





Anatomy of a Man-desk

I’ve been asked about my painting desk which features as a back-drop to some of my other posts. It’s from IKEA and I’ve had it for about ten years so I’m not sure if they sell it. If they do I highly recommend it. It’s supposed to be a computer desk but is ideal for painting. Pictures speak louder than words so here goes….






AOE Rings

So I’ve wanted some aoe rings for a while to use with Warmachine. 3″, 4″ and 5″ are the required diameters. They seem difficult to squire on the Internet (Fred Aldous looks the best bet here in UK but no 3″ rings). Well I’ve made some from galvanised steel wire from the B&Q gardening section (cost £3.95). I’ve used electric insulating tape to stop the edges snagging.

They were pretty simple to make, just wrap them around a tin, measure and twist the wire until it is the correct size. They are not mega-precise but they do represent clouds etc so should be OK.

Here’s some photos……



Viking Accommodation

I bought these at Salute from I am we’ll impressed with the quality, detail and ease of assembly




A couple more shots of the tents and houses in production. The campfire was a purchase from Salute 12 – I knew it would come in handy.
I got these from and sprayed them white then heavy washed them using a parchment acrylic from Hobbycraft.



Board of wargaming?

OK so you need a table and a den to play war games. I have been procuring the relevant components to produce a Wargaming board, in fact 2+.

First is relatively simple an Eden board. This is a post apocalyptic game on a 60 cm by 60 cm board (mine is actually 60×58 but who cares). It is a 4 quid tile from B&Q, sprayed black around the edge to conceal the joints. It overlaps purposely as I thought that a sharp line would be too orderly for a post apocalyptic world. The scenery on it is yet to be painted. Here’s a photo…


The next is the 2+ bit. I bought a 8ft by 4ft (20mm deep) mdf board from B&Q. They had delivered it to the wrong store apparently and were flogging it off for £18. I got the store to cut it into 4 times 4ft by 2 ft pieces. I painted one side green (B&Q 1829 Winchester Acrylic Eggshell) paint. Primed first then 2 coats. I have used about three quarters of a 750ml tin. I research on the Internet about using spray cans but it is much more cost effective to use paint from a tin on large jobs. The other side I coated twice with a brown varnish I had in the garage spare. I then sprayed 2 of the garnished sides with a tin of Halfords beige car paint.

So over all I have 4 boards, 2 green/dark brown, 2 green/light brown. I can use 2 for Warmahordes or put 3 green ones together for a game of War and Conquest, or whatever.

A picture tells a thousand words, so here they are….




Father’s Day Orcs

Fathers Day and an opportunity to paint with my kids. Chloe, 8, did really well with the spear wealding Orc. James, 5, did the one with the sword. OK I helped them a bit but not bad for first minis and lots of bonding fun to boot.



Chloe’s final result


Touched up and in the display cabinet


Photo upgrades

I’ve just had a chance to test a new gizmo purchased from Amazon. It’s called a Camera Connection Kit and cost about 4 quid. Here’s a picture of it…


It allows me to upload photos from a better camera than the one on the iPad. Ive got some pictures here from a Panasonic Lumix TZ7….

It’s a picture from Salute 12. These guys were helping to collect money for Help for Heroes – quite persuasive;-)

Hmm I’ve just taken a look and like the result. Much better than the iPad ones. I’ll try some more. First is Mikio, a Bushido model (not mine) it was my favourite model from Salute. I am utterly amazed by the tattoos. Unfortunately the photo is a bit shakey, sorry.

This is a better shot of the Skorne Warlock, Xerxis.

Theses are all my painted Skorne Warlocks, pMorghoul, pMakeda, Xerxis and eMakeda, in the IKEA display case.