Big Uns play off

Here are some shots from the play-off for the Bristol Big’uns 2 quarter Warmahordes League. Simon ( Legion of Everblight) mullered me (Skorne). I made the gross tactical error of not advancing my infantry in front of my slow moving warbeasts. The ranged attacks of Legion saw off Molik Karn and the Bronzeback and the end was soon after.






Just get them on the table

So I have been a busy modeller, if not blogger. My main Hordes faction is Skorne and I am nearing the stage where I have most of the models (not really units though). I want to be in a position to play the models part painted with a view to upping the painting standard at a later date. I prefer not to field unpainted or only base coated models if I can avoid it.

Here are the fruits of my plan. First and early shot of a Ferox Cavalry next to Mordikaar…


Now the Cyclops Shaman….


And a single Bloodrunner. Note I have taken these shots with a Canon 550D SLR camera.


Now some ‘finished’ shots. I reckon that I spent about 8 hours in total for all of these models, about a fifth on the time I’d take to paint them to my usual standard.

Lord Assassin Morghoul, Praetorian Swordsman (I restuck his arm only) and Cyclops Shaman


Ferox Cavalry Unit. I put a pin in the saddle so I can lift the rider off when I want to up the paint standard. At this stage I will stick the riders on so they don’t stare at their saddles.


Void Seer Mordikaar


And finally the Bloodrunner unit


It’s no holiday for Skorne and Khador

This week I am on holiday with the family in sunny France. I’ve already lost to the wife at Carcassonne but hope to get her into a game of Eden later in the week. So in good journalist fashion I will point in the direction of the work of a fellow Big ‘Uner (wargame club near Bristol that I play at).

Here is Nurgleonbass’ blog. Take look at the rest of it as he has some great stuff on it.

Nurgleonbass Skorne vs Khador

P.s. I am the headless guy behind the Skorne army.

Skorne Bronzeback

Now I am going to post a series of pictures of my Bronzeback, taken whilst painting him. He is a beast and was a pleasure to paint.


This is him with an undercoat and minus his arms and tusks. I thought I’d paint him like this to make access a little easier.


He’s got a bit of base coat on now


This is what he looked like from the rear. His arms are in the foreground, in the background is a Titan (my first big beast) and a part painted Praetorian Swordsman.

Some gold has been added

Now with arms

And tusks, now watch out……..




And if that’s not enought to frighten you, here’s one with all his Titan mates….


Photo upgrades

I’ve just had a chance to test a new gizmo purchased from Amazon. It’s called a Camera Connection Kit and cost about 4 quid. Here’s a picture of it…


It allows me to upload photos from a better camera than the one on the iPad. Ive got some pictures here from a Panasonic Lumix TZ7….

It’s a picture from Salute 12. These guys were helping to collect money for Help for Heroes – quite persuasive;-)

Hmm I’ve just taken a look and like the result. Much better than the iPad ones. I’ll try some more. First is Mikio, a Bushido model (not mine) it was my favourite model from Salute. I am utterly amazed by the tattoos. Unfortunately the photo is a bit shakey, sorry.

This is a better shot of the Skorne Warlock, Xerxis.

Theses are all my painted Skorne Warlocks, pMorghoul, pMakeda, Xerxis and eMakeda, in the IKEA display case.