Merc me up

Here is August’s update……

A 35 point match against Tims Convergence of Cyriss. It didn’t go well for eKreoss.


A trip to the Thornbury wargaming show. Here is Rob Brooms stand and a demo of his new game Project X….



Now to the painting table.

I completed (need to dull spray them) a number of Merc solos, Gorman di Wulfe, Rhupert Carvolio Piper of Ord and Kell Bailoch. I also painted up the Covenant of Menoth.



Next are the ready to paint, Wreck & Objective Markers (an eBay purchase), eEyris and a Redeemer. Alongside them is the Castigator arms that shares the Reckoner body. You won’t see them in the same list!



And finally, I bought a ticket for SMOGCON 2014 at Guilford which I am very excited about. 4 of us are going from the Big ‘Uns and some from my work. I’ve also preordered High Command for Firestorm Games and I think they dispatched it today:-)). Updates to follow.