Back to blogging

So I’m back after a 6 month or so hiatus. I’ve got myself an iPad mini of my own so hope it will make all this a bit easier and distract me from actual painting.

I have been busy and I’ll post photos of what I’ve done since my break, namely Macedoneans, some hordes mercenaries, some drop zone commander Scourge and now some Moria Goblins.

Here’s a photo…..




Or three. They are 3 companies of Moria Goblins from GWs WOTR. I had a game at the weekend and really enjoyed it, so I painted these up. I have plenty more to do but did quite a quick job of it.

Sorry the background is of my painting table, standards will improve.


An Evening in Eden

Well I’m back from holiday and and catching up on my blog. Here are some photos from the excellent Evening in Eden at the Bristol Big ‘Uns…..this is the Bamaka Clan seeing off a Joker.


And some more jokers and a matriarchy


Finally a cool ISC robot challenging the Convoy


Nurgleonbass did a fantastic job with the scenery and the Big Uns plus guests made the evening with all the painted models.

It’s no holiday for Skorne and Khador

This week I am on holiday with the family in sunny France. I’ve already lost to the wife at Carcassonne but hope to get her into a game of Eden later in the week. So in good journalist fashion I will point in the direction of the work of a fellow Big ‘Uner (wargame club near Bristol that I play at).

Here is Nurgleonbass’ blog. Take look at the rest of it as he has some great stuff on it.

Nurgleonbass Skorne vs Khador

P.s. I am the headless guy behind the Skorne army.

Display case in place

So I was down in IKEA today and bought a glass display cabinet. A few hours and a couple of Allen keys later and here it is….


And here’s a closer shot. You may notice that it’s not overborne with figures at present. I hope to get creative and arrange some of my models soon. When I’m happy with it I’ll post another photo.