Pete’s Dragon

A good friend of mine from work recently kindly gave me a Tom Meier Red Dragon that he’d bought in the 1980’s. This weekend I painted it and hope I did it justice. I went for a green colour scheme as I have a GW WOTR dragon which I intend to paint red at a later date. Here’s the finished beast…


As way of progression on how I painted it some more photos follow. First the box…





There was a good bit of cleanup to do, 80s moulds! Also filled gaps with green stuff and bend the tail round.


Primed with GW chaos Black


Then base coated with a dark grey and green mix


Now all green using various shades and dry brushing techniques

I put it on a GW oval base. I will use it as a Drake (dragon) for War of the Ring.


I added some GW skulls and sand to the base for interest.


I painted the base brown then dry brushed a little for the finished effect. Here it is again from the reverse angle.
Thanks for the model Pete and I hope you like it.



Vikings and Goblins progress

Brief update this week as little time to painted, but some progress made.

First the Vikings. Basic spray job. GW Skull White on the levies and warriors. Army Painter chainmail for the Hearthguards and Warlord. Next step basic colours and a dip! Note the magnetic strip on the 20mm by 20mm Rendra base.


Here are some sprayed WOTR Goblins, note Gothmog, Gollum and Druzhag getting ready for action. The Egyptian is from a National Geographic kids mag for my daughter. Well paint it up gold and blue


Oh here’s the finished Tutankhamen


Back to blogging

So I’m back after a 6 month or so hiatus. I’ve got myself an iPad mini of my own so hope it will make all this a bit easier and distract me from actual painting.

I have been busy and I’ll post photos of what I’ve done since my break, namely Macedoneans, some hordes mercenaries, some drop zone commander Scourge and now some Moria Goblins.

Here’s a photo…..




Or three. They are 3 companies of Moria Goblins from GWs WOTR. I had a game at the weekend and really enjoyed it, so I painted these up. I have plenty more to do but did quite a quick job of it.

Sorry the background is of my painting table, standards will improve.